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Nov 07, 2021
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A scene that looks like it's happening underwater. Looking up toward the surface, a red sky is shining through turbulent water and breaking waves. Looking down, the sandy sea floor is blue, calm, and serene with some vegetation, rocks, and maybe a reef.

They're really clouds at sunset. The sandy portion of ocean floor is blue sky peeking through a chaotic cloud formation. Everything else is clouds.
Nov 13, 2021
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An optical illusion from sunset after a day of rain.

Overall, the scene looks like the site of a large explosion with a billowing cloud of smoke reaching high above the cloud layer. The upper-left corner looks like debris being ejected from the site. Is it a volcano? Meteor strike?  Does the green mean it's radioactive? Choose your own adventure.

Image Description: Another sunset photo with shifted colors. The clouds were chaotic and beautiful that evening. The North-facing cloud bottoms were mammatus clouds, and the tops, everything else. 

Shadows are inky black fading into peachy violets and reds. The midtones shift quickly to green with the brightest sunlight being neon greens to yellow. The sky is blue, oddly enough.
Nov 06, 2021
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Crimson Sunset

I've been playing with creative color balancing and color grading on photos of clouds and the sky. This was my first experiment, and it started with asking, "What if the orange was red?" and it moved on from there.

The result is painterly, and I fell in love with the process. The sky with its variety of cloud and fog patterns is one of my favorite things about San Francisco, and this series is another way for me to enjoy it.

Image Description: Sunset from November 5, looking North toward downtown San Francisco (not visible in the photo). 

The photo's colors have been shifted. The orange sunlight scattered through the clouds is a gradient from pure red to red-violet. 

The shadows in the clouds are warm gray to navy blue. 

The sky gradient in the background peeking through is medium blue at the top and magenta toward the bottom of the photo with a band of violet running through the middle. 
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We posted our first Reel post (yes, the function finally came to Singapore!) 

From our recent stay at The Park Royal, Pickering (I'm sure you'll recognise this famous hotel pool, even if you're not from Singapore!)

The architecture of this building is simply incredible & I can't wait to share more content from this stay!
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A fundraising campaign curated by Sarah Hobbs

Photographed by Sarah Hobbs
Edited by Erwinshah Hassan
Modelled by Sarah Hobbs & Xian
Aug 10, 2019
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Have you ever done a #PolarPlunge?
I raise you a dip into Iceland's famous Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon.

Some would say that Justin Bieber did it first...

But this was one of those times that made me feel the most alive. I also think I am an adrenaline junkie and will do just about anything for the vlog so...

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