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Apr 05, 2019
Studied Mathematics
Learned Matlab
Coded in LaTeX
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Completed group seminar project as part of final year of degree programme, investigating applications of Monte Carlo methods in two contexts: estimating the value of a call option modeled by Brownian motion, and estimating the distribution of a particle in a given Langevin field

Implementations were mainly done in MATLAB to compare performance

Final report was compiled in LaTeX
Student, National University of Singapore
Coded in LaTeX
Published Open Source Code

CTAN LaTeX Packages

Since 2011, I have authored and maintained multiple LaTeX packages on the CTAN.

Apr 15, 2020
Relaunched project
Our second company, Collabra Music is a practice management platform that helps you manage students and motivate practice. It is designed for school band directors, orchestra leaders, choir directors, private instructors, and the performing arts.
Completed my thesis
Finished my MFA thesis: Margin, a typeface for reading on low-resolution digital devices. Designed based on principles of inclusion; by using qualities that aid atypical readers, reading might be made easier for all.
Started sharing type again
Relaunched project
Just resurrected one of my old projects, Ello Typography. Ello is a social network for artists and designers, and it’s one of the few social networks I can think of that doesn’t exemplify everything wrong with internet culture.