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Created by Faiz Ichsan Jaya, Frontend Developer at Softwareseni
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Sep 13, 2021
Designed a Website
Designed User Experience Assets
Created UI
Utilised brand
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Worked on a side project
Designed an appliance UI
Got the first pass-through of Hyde's UI finished. So far, so good!
designed a user interface
Designed a Dark Theme
designed a dashboard for an interview. let me know how it looks☺️😌
designed a user interface
Launched a new feature
Launched Encouragement Chat Room on Samaritan Citygoer App. 
Software Engineer (iOS), Samaritan
May 02, 2021
used Figma
designed a landingpage
designed a user interface
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🥦Food Blog Newsletter

Designed a landing page for newsletter sign up for a food blog using Figma. 

May 13, 2009
Mentored a Designer
Led product design
Designed an appliance UI
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Launched the Anka UI project for Arçelik, Turkey's biggest domestic appliances brand. Anka is possibly the first of its kind, a recipe-based, fully customizable user interface for an oven.