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Aug 01, 2021
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working on ux research
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Second week of Memorisely UX/UI Bootcamp

Topics this week: data synthesis and ideation. 

What are my takeaways from this week?

I can divide the data from my survey into different user segments, which are 
➡️ trends
➡️ pain points
➡️ problems and
➡️ opportunities. 

Affinity mapping is a great way to further evaluate and group these results. The multiple grouping of answers provides an overview and makes prioritizing easier.

I also experienced that ideation is an important part of the design process. While the possibilities and directions tend to be defined more precisely during data analysis, ideation allows me to open my mind to new ideas. It is not about critically questioning every idea right away, but about approaching a problem without preconceptions and from new angles. 🙃

There are many ways to collect ideas. Besides mind mapping, which I particularly like, I especially liked the Crazy 8's technique. ➡️ Everyone draws 8 ideas on a blank piece of paper during 8 minutes. Fast sketching is key and leads to amazing ideas! ✏️💡

I'm already looking forward to week 3 and to dive even deeper into the world of UX together with all the other fantastic designers in this cohort! 🙌
Participated in a round table discussion
Read Journalism
Discussing my coverage of COVID-19 while also covering an active elections !
Competitive Research
Analysing competitors to further improve our product. Spreadsheets are my best friend 👀
Product Designer, Desquared S.A.
Jul 28, 2021
Information Architecture
I released the information architecture for Pathpoint. This information was published in a company wiki and the document outlines how content is grouped, actions that can be taken on objects, and where future functionality and content would go.

We’ve been using the same framework for almost two years and the web app is quickly outgrowing it as add more functionality to support E&S transactions.

Internal impact
We’ve answered “Where does this thing belong and what is its relationship to other things?” and as a result, we 1) avoid overhauling the UI every time we add a new feature and 2) can scale more sustainably because we’ve taken the proactive steps.

External impact
It will will create familiarity for agents and good way-finding.
Contributed an article
Original research
contributing researcher for a People Nerds article: What We Celebrate (and Need to Talk About) When We Celebrate Black History Month

We asked dozens of participants what Black History Month meant to them, and what we can do better to commemorate the contributions of Black Americans.

research advisor, dscout
Mar 13, 2020
Conducted an A/B test
Conducting product interviews
Launched a product
Conducted Quantitative Research
Wrote user stories
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Redesign of a Product Area

With the goal to increase NPS and reduce the workload of Customer Support, I managed the redesign of the Reclamation Process of home24, an important product area inside the My Account section. 

Quite an interesting project, which required almost the full skillset of a PM:

  • Market Research and benchmarking;
  • Quantitative analysis of internal data;
  • Qualitative analysis with a week spent on-site with CS;
  • Design Thinking Process;
  • Prototype testing and further iterations;
  • MVP definition and project Kick-off;
  • Product Requirement Documentation;
  • Product Development cycle;
  • User Scenarios & User Stories;
  • Definition of Success and Behavioral metrics;
  • AB testing;
  • Data analysis;
  • Communication with stakeholders and management of expectations;
  • Deployment and Go-to-market.

Product Manager, home24