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Designed a logo
Designed Peplink's FusionHub Logo
Designed a logo
Peplink InControl 2 Logo Design
Nov 29, 2021
Designed Pitch Deck
Designed a slide deck for an amazing person @asksabakhalil who's on a mission to empower people and bring out the best in them!
Created an NFT
My side project the TreeDAO was featured on BBC click.
used Figma
Attended an online bootcamp
Designed UI components
Documented a design system
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Design system case study

Designed and documented buttons, radio, checkbox, toggle, and variants by applying the defined foundations.
used Figma
Attended an online bootcamp
Learning design system
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Design system - component

The components that we experimented with this week include buttons and selection controls. Overall the theme of the lesson consisted of:

  • Learning how to apply foundations to components in Figma
  • Learning how to document your components, which includes the anatomy, variation, interaction
  • Documenting best practices in the Design System