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Aug 10, 2020
Designed Cover Art
Designed the podcast cover art for Reimagine
Created a lookbook for a digital fashion brand
Designed 3D illustrations
Worked for FRESH COUTURE brand for their new digital fashion campaign/collection
Oct 15, 2021
Building Conceptual Models
Maintained a Design System
I’ve been restructuring a lot of our product offering this past week. A lot of what we’ve built this year allowed us to establish ourselves even further in the criminal justice space. We were moving fast and staying nimble. 

This quarter, I am aiming to look at our product surfaces more holistically to make them feel like a more unified experience. Thankfully, my fellow designers and I have been building and maintaining a design system right from inception.
Oct 14, 2021
Created a Map
You knew this was inevitable, right? A “Found Islands” portfolio entry in the style of “Homeworlds,” chock-full of faux-satellite imagery from places that don’t actually exist on this (or any other) real planet. No one is an island, not even in these stupid times of plague and isolation, so I feel like I’ve gotta do something more with this stuff than just barf it up on Instagram every few weeks. Stay tuned.
New Portfolio Website
Designed website
Redesigned her portfolio
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It's the time of the year when I redesign my Portfolio Website! New Visuals and new projects 🔥
You can have a look here -> 
Instagram takeover
started posting on Instagram
Created Content
Attended an online bootcamp
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Instagram takeover for Memorsiely

I had the pleasure of doing an Instagram takeover on behalf of Memorisely. I provided the audience an insight into my day-to-day life, work, the Bootcamp experience, advice for future students. I engaged the audience by answering their questions related to my design experience.