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Content Creator, Self-employed
Jul 30, 2021 uno strumento interessante per lo sviluppo di siti web senza programmare.

Qui il video:
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Interface Designer, Lemonero
Aug 24, 2021
Would love to share with you recent webflow gig for complete redesign of kinder garden here in Czechia. 

With a team we have set-up the most effective tool flow: Figma > Webflow. 

With figma we have build amazing library of sections and standard layouts. All of those we have applied to our Webflow Library where client can easily drag-n-drop every piece of content without writing a line of code.

Checkout case study:
MS Slezska - Casestudy | Petr Bilek
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Freelance consultant / micro-agency, BRYAN Digital
Dec 22, 2021
I productized the strategic alignment workshop I ran for Valorize DAO in order to offer the same level of actionable clarity we articulated there to other teams, projects and organizations.

In the space of a single hour - democratically, without open discussion - we are able to:

  • Rapidly align numerous stakeholders
  • Clearly define a broad range of issues
  • Ideate many plausible solutions
  • Prioritize by Impact / Effort
It works just as well for high-level strategic goals as it does for project-level team alignment. It's basically magic and I love it 🔮
It can be found at 🚀

I've launched a tiered pricing ladder that goes from "Super-ultra-mega early bird 🐣" (Sold out) to "Regular price 🦉".

It's also available to purchase via NFT, whereby the NFT Unlockable Content is used to verify the NFT ownership, then the NFT is sent back to me to be in exchange for my booking link. This verification is currently done manually by reaching out to me directly, but I am keen to develop more streamlined and innovative NFT/web3 based solutions for service delivery in the near future e.g. a secondary market for the NFT where the client could recoup some (or all, hypothetically) of their costs by flipping the NFT (and the new owner can book the service). Kind of like a baked-in affiliate program 🧁
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Launched an all new Xperian website bringing together the product, services and initiatives being done in Design, Product and No-Code.
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