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Because every contribution will help us continue to grow, provide a great website, and offer even more features, we invite you to support our work.

From donating to volunteering with us, there are several ways that you can help and get closer to the work we do.

(1) If you are a writer yourself, help us expand the database. Get listed now!


(2) Tell us how this site has helped you. Give feedback. Or let us know about your experience with this site. These help us promote the site further, knowing that this site is doing its mission for the people. We welcome any suggestions to improve.

(3) If you are on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, follow us to show support. If you know anyone who would love to know about us (writers, publishers, translators, lovers of literature, even people from the media, etc.), please spread the word. We want as many people as possible to visit us. Or write about us up on your social media timeline is a great idea.

(4) Be a volunteer! Whether you are a literary enthusiast or even clueless–but curious–about Indonesia's literary works, let’s get involved! IDWRITERS relies on volunteers (and interns) to help with a wide variety of tasks. These include: curating content and expanding our ever-growing data bank, collaborating on particular projects and assisting with events, conducting research on diverse topics, handling marketing and communications needs, getting involved in writing assignments such as articles for our literary blog. We welcome new volunteers (anytime) and are very grateful for any support that can be offered.


(5) And if you feel that IDWRITERS has beyond the call of duty to help you, and you would like to say thanks, you can do so below. You’ll never have to pay to visit this site, but if you’d like to buy us a coffee, we’d appreciate that very much. Click to donate, and Xendit will handle the rest.


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(7) You can also support us by picking up our new merch collection. Available soon at our web store!

As the site is self-funded, which relies on the support of others, any donations are received. All proceeds go towards the site’s running, improve new features, and intensify activities or programs that we host. By supporting us, you are helping us to reach people who need our site information. Furthermore, to provide a great website and continue to help us grow and offer even more features. Not to mention, we want to keep this site writers-focused and ad-free, meaning we have to rely on the generosity of you, our visitors, for support.

Finally, (8) we are regularly looking for ways to engage in Indonesian underrepresented writing communities. If you belong to such an underrepresented region and would like to bring its literature to the world’s attention, give us a shout. We’d love to work with you.

Click the designated link or contact support@idwriters.com, especially if you are a trust or foundation interested in supporting us or simply if you are interested in any of the above.

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Tor Project
Privacy is a human right…
Privacy is a human right…
Privacy is a human right…
Privacy is a human right…
Privacy is a human right…
Jul 05, 2021
Voice of Support
Build in public
"Knowing that another person has experienced what you’re experiencing, and that it’s not unusual or uncommon, makes you feel less isolated and more accepted." - I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn’t) by Brené Brown
Founder, Voice of Support
Build in public
Voice of Support
Being a solopreneur, actually being a solo-anything, can be quite lonely, and I’ve learned that first hand in the last few months.

So, I've decided to #buildinpublic a side project, an announcement app, where people can post announcements, and their friends/supporters/backers can "voice their support" (literally by recording their voice), in public (or in private), and it's not just for business related stuff, but anything that they want to put out there, or take off their chest!

To start I’ve opened up a public Miro board to #letpeoplecontribute ideas, comments, thoughts...


I hope I can count on your support! Follow me for regular updates, I will be posting progress here, on LinkedIn, and on Twitter.

#startup #solopreneur #positivityfirst #voiceofsupport #annoucement #startuplife #motivation #support #joinmemaybe
Founder, Voice of Support