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Sep 24, 2021
Built a website
I've built ArtBerat, a website that showcases Malaysia's web design. The site is personally curated by me. It serves as a design inspiration for web designers/developers. 

Go check it out! 🧑🏻‍💻
Aug 21, 2021
Designed a website
Released a new version of my personal site. While still a work-in-progress, I felt it was in a good enough position to let it roam free. Mostly HTML, CSS and vanilla JS. Setup Prismic for the CMS, and used Sass for styling. Brought in a couple APIs, including weather, Goodreads and Spotify. Learning more about Webgl at the moment so hopefully I can bring that in too.
Designed website
New brand, new domain, new website
Launched a new website
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Redesigned a website
It took a while, but after a few revisions and a lot of troubleshooting my website is finally back online: www.felix-klapprott.de
Launched a new website
Utilized Open-Source Framework
I launched a new site where you can customise your own blob character, and export as an SVG or PNG. This was mainly me testing out Vue 3 + Vite (and by extension VueX) but turned out to be a fun little website.
👉 https://blobmaker.stringy.software
Apr 23, 2021
Designed website
Launched a side project
Built UI components
Built a feature
Started a new role at Freelance Editing
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I built a site that I use to advertise my video editing gig. It might have some weird bugs, so let me know what's up and I'll try to fix it.

Either way, let me know what you think!