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Jul 13, 2021
Launched a side project
Left a role at Microsoft
Completed the Microsoft Engage mentorship program. As part of this program I made this video chat app(https://engichat.web.app/) . Learned a load of new stuff, including Javascript, React and Nodejs and finished the project in under 2 weeks. 
Jul 22, 2021
Learnt GLSL
Launched a side project
10 years ago I came up with a stupid joke in the pub that there should be a site to simply find out if you should wear shorts or not. A few weeks later I launched the first version of Is It Shorts Weather Today? 10 years on and nearly as many different iterations of the site today I launched the new version. There's a few improvements, but I mostly used it as an excuse to demonstrate my newfound skills with GLSL and Shaders.