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Hi everyone 👋

Our team, Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE YorkU), is organizing ElleHacks hackathon which will take place from Feb 11th - 13th, 2022, where you get the chance to create new projects, learn new skills, have the opportunity to connect and talk with various big companies & have fun!!

What is WiSE's goal?
YorkU's WISE strives to empower and promote female and non-binary identifying students within STEM!

What is a hackathon?
A hackathon is a technology-focused event which individuals collaborate intensively on a project within a short period of time. A project can be solving any problems from Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations. You can build anything you want that solve any problem you desire, it is up to your imagination. 

What is ElleHacks?
ElleHacks is one of Canada’s largest hackathons, open to all females and non-binary students in STEM across North America! 

We are excited to announce that ElleHacks's Hacker Applications are OPEN!

All are welcome to register and NO experience in coding is required to participate!
Register at https://bit.ly/ellehacks by December 8th @ 11:59 pm EST.

Feel free to contact us on our social media platforms if you have any questions:
Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

With love, 
The ElleHacks Organizing Team  💚

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Festival Expancine

My personal work has appeared in the local media with other amazing women! <3


"Designer and illustrator, in addition to using photography as a habit to exercise the look. She likes to represent nature in a delicate and gentle way, mixing and experimenting with elements such as analogue and digital photography, illustration and botanical concepts, mixing collages, cutouts and edits, generally reflecting thoughts on the feminine and poetic universe."
Supported women in STEM
I got the 5th out of 6 treatments of laser hair removal from my neck yesterday and I am excited about the results. There were a couple patches that were really sticking around but they are gone! #womenInSTEM #transWomen #transIsBeautiful
Dec 03, 2019
Attended a meetup
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At our 9th and last meetup "Mulheres de Produto" (womans in tech and product) of the year at Movidesk, where we talked about "Product Internationalization" with Cristiane de Abreu and also a retrospective of the year here in Blumenau, with the organizers of the meetup.

Software internationalization projects have grown a lot and are gaining space in meetings and events across the country, but large companies like Google and Samsung have been adapting their systems internationally for years. Software internationalization involves many steps and also many people. Thus, understanding who the people involved are, how this process affects our work, and what my role is in this process opens doors for the professional growth of each one of us. So let's talk about our roles and share experiences.
Oct 29, 2019
Attended a meetup
Participated in local Women in Tech event
Networked as an introvert
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7th meetup of the community "Mulheres de produto" with the theme "Decisional fatigue and the world of digital products", with designer Débora Martins, located at AmbevTech (HBSIS).

Have you ever spent a long time trying to choose which series to watch or which dish to order at delivery, and in the end, chose the same thing as always?

This is «Decision Fatigue» she explained a little more to us on how it works, and how it impacts our lives as users, tech, ux and business. The lecture is based on two articles that Débora wrote and were published in UX Collective.
Advocated for Women Empowerment
Helping women BEcome the person they were created to BE is a purpose journey. This virtual conference I organized had 10 speakers - all of them were phenomenal. Over 100 attendees and everyone left inspired.