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Presented "The GiveCamp Guide to WordPress" at Cleveland GiveCamp 2013: https://www.slideshare.net/sadukie/give-camp-guidetowordpress
Oct 01, 2021
Built a custom WordPress theme
Teamed up with the design team at Castos to turn their brand and website redesign into a block based WordPress site. This was a really fun project :) 
Jun 16, 2020
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Designed and developed a wordpress site for QVL Advisory LLP, they offer specialised services for all your financial, accounting and tax requirements.

They needed a website that looks very professional and corporate.
Owner/Digital & Brand Identity designer, Little Red Giant
Wrote a WordPress Tutorial

Wrote a WordPress tutorial about Ninja Tables - Best WordPress Table Plugin - A Beginner’s Guide to Ninja Tables

Digital Marketer, WP Manage Ninja LLC
Aug 05, 2021
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One of my colleagues said "I think there is a bug in Docker". They are a very cool person. I took the time out at the end of my shift to ask questions and dive into the problem. It's not really something I felt it would be easy to backlog.

Sure enough, they discovered a bug. Worse still, a bug in production released docker, in a feature which we use. Yikes!

I Searched GitHub and found others had reported similar issues in the compose-go package, mostly to be met with "not a bug", or other dismissive comments.

So I made reproductive cases and offered a patch

My patch didn't end up being merged. Rather than explain what they needed, the internal team member who responded decided to write their own. While I agree their solution was clean and very readable; likely due to familiarity with the codebase; it kind of echoes how they dealt with the issues reporting this issue over two months prior.

The patch was merged some weeks later, so in an upcoming release of the new docker-compose; their new engine will have one less bug.
Started about 1 month ago
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