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Dec 02, 2021
Wrote a white paper
My whitepaper on Azure Functions got published on the Serverless 360 website.

Awesome stuff!

Nov 11, 2021
Wrote a white paper
Currently writing a white paper, with my colleagues, to convince our business to adopt Netlify as our hosting provider. This has included engaging with stakeholders and decision makers to get the information they desire, in order to make a decision. Includes cost model comparisons, deep dive on value add features from Netlify.
Nov 09, 2021
Wrote a white paper
Senior Field Engineer, Kong
Wrote for A List Apart
I co-wrote an article for A List Apart on the meaning of motion in products.

Oct 31, 2021
Joined an Early Adopter Program
Redacted a Jupyter Notebook
Wrote a Kaggle Notebook
Learned Statistics
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Finished an analysis on police brutality in the US.

I was tasked to redact a notebook and choose to analyze police brutality in the States. 
I'm very happy of how it turned out, although the techniques I was obligated to use for the analysis weren't the optimal for my dataset. 

After all, I put a lot of work on this notebook and I'm very pleased of the work.

You can find this notebook on https://github.com/Yoquec/Police-Brutality-Analysis.
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Contributed Why every engineer should be a cloud engineer to

97 Things Every Cloud Engineer Should Know: Collective Wisdom from the Experts