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Henry Beaudin

Hi, I’m Henry! 

I'm currently holding the title of chief home and child officer at home inc. It's been an amazing opportunity and experience to be able to spend time with my family and see my children grow up. Now that the pandemic is lifting and life is getting back to normal, I'm looking at fully/semi-fully remote opportunities where I can continue doing what I love while being around those I love.

I’ve been in tech and finance much of my career holding roles across engineering, product, security as well as management. I am now focusing on roles in the early/mid stages of startups which can benefit from the breadth and depth of knowledge and passion for learning and teaching I have developed throughout my career in order to help build amazing teams, products and grow the company.

I also enjoy riding bikes (& Peloton) and road trips throughout New England as well as upstate to the Adirondack park where you'll find my family and I swimming, hiking, having camp fires - or otherwise somewhere on/in/around the lake. 

I went a little crazy with badges:) I'll clean it up eventually.
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