Some Antics

Streams about accessibility and core web technologies.
Over the past few years, TypeScript has really been eating the world by bringing typing to JavaScript developers' ergonomics. Join us as Josh Goldberg shows us how to get started with TypeScript! h... Florian Beijers is a blind web developer, gamer, accessibility consultant, and more. I was honored to have the chance to bring him onto the stream and chat with him about his day-to-day experiences... Mayank joined the stream to show off their take on modern websites, featuring some of the latest and greatest from CSS like cascade layers, as well as building with Astro. SVGs let you do a lot of really neat stuff with your graphics! Heather S. Neff of Equivalent Design showed us how we can make adaptive SVGs that make our graphics more accessible, responsive, and o... So you've written a test. But how do you know if your tests are any good? Mutation testing lets us gauge the quality of our test suites by introducing random bugs into our applications and seeing h... Homer Gaines joined the stream to chat about all things accessibility and design system work! Every once in a while, I host office hours and review several viewer-submitted sites. For this stream, however, we dove into just one site: Jim Drury's new developer blog, with Jim himself! Jim's a... I've been building out a Some Antics website! Join me for a bit of creative coding as I flesh out the new landing page, and get to work on more pages throughout the site.