Bethany Newport
  • @bethany_newport
  • Bethany is an Open Source Advocate & Volunteer by day and a Personal Growth Advocate & Bookworm by night.
I'm Bethany, a self-taught DIY-er and dog mum who loves podcasting. I'm always looking for new ways to challenge myself and gain new skills.
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I'm open to
partnering on side projects,
beta testing new products,
content creation,
freelance roles,
grabbing a coffee,
joining discords,
appearing in music videos,
appearing in videos,
editing books,
instagram collaborations,
live streaming,
producing a podcast,
producing a short film,
reviewing book proposals,
speaking at events,
speaking on clubhouse,
speaking on podcasts,
streaming on twitch,
streaming on youtube,
tiktok collaborations,
youtube collaborations,
writing blog posts,
giving product reviews,
participating in user research,
raising funding,
becoming a vc scout,
fractional executive roles,
fundraising for non-profits,
being a brand ambassador,
brand partnership,
brand strategy consulting,
email marketing consulting,
giving feedback on marketing copy,
organizing marketing campaigns,
social media management,
social takeovers,
joining daos,
nft projects,
acting in a play,
acting in film,
artist management,
beat submissions,
being an extra in a film or show,
creating 2d animations,
creating 3d animations,
creating animations,
creating illustrations,
giving music feedback,
jam sessions,
melody loop submissions,
musical collaborations,
performing dance,
studio sessions,
talent scouting,
guest lecturing,
peer editing,
going hiking,
playing games,
playing tabletop games,
playing video games,
practicing yoga,
developing a web application,
developing games,
open source contributions,
design projects,
designing brands,
designing clothing,
designing fonts,
designing logos,
designing products,
giving design crits,
giving design feedback,
giving portfolio feedback,
advising companies,
advising early stage companies,
advising late stage companies,
business partnerships,
filming videos,
full time roles,
giving feedback,
giving product feedback,
giving resume feedback,
graphic design,
having a dinner party,
joining a community,
just chatting,
making introductions,
making videos,
new business leads,
part time roles,
research projects,
software development projects,
and talking to journalists.