Beth Andres-Beck

  • @bethcodes
I am a software engineer, engineering leader and a teacher of software development skills. 

I find my work at the intersection of a variety of fields, from Livable Code to Cyborg Feminism to Social Anarchism to semantics and other techniques from dramaturgy. I cultivate professional cultures that can grow reliable, useful products by building thoughtful feedback loops. 

While I have experience up and down the stack, most I recently have been using Ruby backends and services to support modern single-page enterprise applications. I find that Ruby combines excellent expressive power with a community of engineers who embrace growth mindset, testing & intentional collaboration. 

My ideal role is as a Principal Engineer or Chief Architect, where I can support the processes and content that cultivate useful code. I enjoy helping groups of developers at every level of experience develop the skills that let software be easily maintained and extended. I prefer working on vertically-integrated products. It lets us collaborate directly with users while aligning the company's incentives with theirs. 
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Nov 2020 - Present

Senior Software Engineer, OneMedical