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Bhupesh Varshney

  • @bhupesh
  • Building and writing cool stuff everyday
  • He/Him
  • New Delhi, India
I'm a Developer, Tech Writer, and FOSS Enthusiast. I write (and work) with Python, Go, Flutter, Bash.

  • I am also a guest writer for freeCodeCamp (more than 20k views) and HackerNoon
  • I am a builder/hacker/tinkerer
  • In my free time, I am probably sleeping or reading something online

4 topics I can speak on with no prep:

  1. Importance of setting up a second brain & taking short notes
  2. Writing tools and scripts for yourself, improving your productivity
  3. Open Source Software and ecosystem
  4. The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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What Bhupesh's working on