Emery County Libraries - UX Research & CMS Training

Conducted Product Usability Research
Created an information architecture
Ux strategy
Designed Wireframes
Project Year: 2022
The mission of the Emery County Library System is to provide the resources and services for lifelong learning, the space and opportunities to gather and connect, and to foster a love of reading.

They were looking for a modern design that could be powered by a user friendly a CMS for their staff to make needed updates to content for each library branch. They also asked us to help them create a new branding and guidelines that would strengthen the trust and vision of the organization


  1. Conducted a heuristic review and code audit of existing site
  2. Conducted a SWOT analysis of competitor sites
  3. Conducted a review of web publishing options

  1. After creating new branding and style tiles for use in the site design, we crafted a new information architecture that was used to design wireframes that demonstrated the new proposed design concepts 
  2. Approved wireframes were converted into more high fidelity mockups 
  3. Developed all frontend and backend code for site, and published to existing servers. 
  4. Workflow training, HTML templates and style guide was created for staff to use to produce and publish content on their own


  1. Client was able to manage and maintain the site on their own internally.
  2. Posts and content for the main library and all branches were able to be posted at regular intervals