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Jun 29, 2021
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Hello! My name is Natalie Leonard, and I am currently a rising junior at Davidson College in North Carolina (Go Wildcats!!) 🐾♥️. I’m originally from outside of San Francisco, California 🌉. I’m a Psychology major 🧠 and Spanish minor 🇪🇸, a member of Warner Hall Eating House (basically a sorority), and planned DIY events this year for Union Board, an organization for student activities on campus. I also held a leadership position in Davidson’s Women in Business Club this year.

As so many companies continue to work remotely in this post-pandemic world, employees have begun to embrace the flexibility which comes with working from home. Alongside this trend, I hope employers start to become more cognizant of the throngs of workers who do not feel represented by a single job title. Many professionals today are not keen to make a lifetime commitment to one company.

This summer, I am interning for a startup which wants to give professionals a more comprehensive and creative way to express themselves than a timeline of their employment history. Polywork is not a place for recruiters to scan your profile for a degree from a prestigious university. It is a welcoming community for those who want to showcase the work they are most proud of and, most importantly, make genuine connections with other professionals.   As a student at a small liberal arts college with an array of interests, I certainly do not think I’ll find myself fitting into a box anytime soon. I am a psychology major but have taken classes in a variety of disciplines to fulfill general requirements. In just two years of college, I have dabbled in political science, art history, chemistry, history, religion, and Spanish literature. It was difficult for me to even decide on a major in the first place (and I still second-guess it every now and then.) 

Outside of the classroom, I love creatingpainting, drawing, hand-lettering, design, you name it. I was the captain of my high school varsity softball team and played volleyball for many years. I love baking and cooking, Gilmore Girls, anything Taylor Swift, country music, yoga, bullet journaling, and my adorable Boston Terrier Oliver. 🎶🧘🏼‍♀️🧁🎨🥎📕🏐🐶📺🍪👩🏼‍🍳🪕🍝🍰🐾
Given my diverse academic and personal interests, I do not see myself pursuing a cookie cutter career path after college or graduate school. I’m torn between a career as a psychologist, marketing or brand strategist and artist. While I may discover my strengths lie in one of these paths, I may also find my niche at the intersection of these disciplines. This is where Polywork comes in. When I was applying for the internship I have now, I resonated with the company’s mission to represent professionals with a multitude of passions. I interviewed with Peter Johnston, Polywork’s CEO & Founder, and Meghan Lyons, the Head of Go-to-Market. I felt supported and inspired by both of them even during the interview process. They embodied everything that Polywork stands for, and I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside such a welcoming group of people. I’m excited to see where the summer takes me, and I can’t wait for Polywork to take the world of professional networking by storm. 🚀 
On Polywork, I’m more than a student or an intern. I’m also a dog mom with a slight coffee addiction. 🐶☕️