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Bobby Lo

  • @bobby
  • Startup Investor/Advisor
  • Los Angeles
About Me
Independent startup investor/advisor. Founder of Vurb (acquired by Snapchat). 3x startup founder/operator, 3x MIT degrees, and formerly @ BCG.

As an advisor and investor to startups, I invest at all stages - from pre-seed to pre-IPO but spend most of my time working with founders at the earliest stages helping them level up. I collaborate with many top venture investors but invest independently with only my own capital - that means no syndicates, scout funds, or other vehicles that could put me in conflict with the founders I work with. And by not running a fund, I can spend more time with founders rather than personal brand building.

I look for great teams and strong product vision across all industries - including consumer, enterprise, biotech, and healthcare. Areas I typically help with: product strategy, user experience and design, fundraising and investor intros, partnerships, organizational design and processes, engineering and technical architecture. Product is where I am most hands-on and differentiated from other investors - always happy to provide blunt product and design feedback as well as engage in whiteboarding sessions. 
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