Braden Moore
  • @bradenmoore
I grow strong development teams and help build great user-focused products through software.

I've been a particle physicist and a hopeful Olympic fencer, an early stage employee and a founder, a full stack developer and a product manager. I'd like to think my range of experience brings novel insight to my work - though knowledge of subatomic particles has yet to find a use in my day job!

What gets me excited is building great products and great teams. Great products make our lives better - bringing us knowledge, novelty, or new ways of living that make the impossible possible. Great teams make great products real, all the while improving the lives of their members. I believe that together, great products and great teams make great businesses.

Outside of work, I'm an avid reader and an occasional musician/guitarist/amateur electronic music producer. My reading preferences lie between self-improvement/business tragic and modern sci-fi/epic fantasy enthusiastic.

If you want to talk about culture, product, business, or whatever you're reading at the moment, I'd love to chat!
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