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Brad Thomas

  • @bradthomas
  • UX / UI / Product Design
  • He / Him
  • Charlotte, NC
Hi! I’m Brad. How can I help?

I have 15+ years of experience in User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Visual Design, Product Design, Illustration and traditional Graphic Design. I have several years of experience working with blockchain technologies, startups, augmented reality interfaces. I have been an entrepreneur, creating and running my own successful design and development business, and experience leading a cross-functional team.

I am a well-rounded, multi-disciplined designer and developer that has a very diverse background. This holistic approach has allowed me to understand how websites and applications are designed, why they are designed the way they are, and help create experiences that both deliver what the end user expects and what the provider wants to convey.

People can not relate to a concept unless it connects to them from an aesthetic standpoint. Achieving this primarily requires understanding about how people will interact with that design (be it digital, print, or an idea), not only in a professional setting, but in their everyday lives. And secondarily, being able to use that understanding to design and create elements that connect to them in an appealing way. Design transcends processes and tools. 

Over the years, I have come to find that the same overarching theme has continued to be true: People do not care about how innovative your product is until they know how it can make their lives easier.

I believe that any design should be created with empathy in every facet of its execution. That is the only way to truly achieve the goal of alleviating pain and delivering what the user needs. This core belief allows me to help create products that are what the user expects and needs, reducing design and development cycles, and ultimately resulting in a quicker delivery.
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What Brad's working on

What Brad's working on