Release CFPs.dev beta βœ… Track CFPs you're submitting to βœ… Manage your event attendance βœ… Store abstracts & track acceptance rate https://cfps.dev
Published the blog Michael Collins v. The Billionaires What lessons from the first space race - between Russia and the U.S. - can we apply to our view of the new space race - between billionaires.
My interview on automated testing, remote work and security with JAXEnter was published: https://jaxenter.com/oleary-interview-174607.html β€œThe more you can consolidate, automate, and integrate tes...
Spoke at the Future of SaaS festival on Product-lead Growth.
In order to encourage more speakers and more diverse speakers from all backgrounds, I launched a "Speakers Lean Coffee" at GitLab that is open to the wider community as well as GitLab team-members ...
At DevOps Days Chicago 2020, I gave my talk All I need to know about DevOps I learned from XKCD.
Talked about how "I'm not technical enough to give this talk" at DevRelCon Earth 2020.
Spoke at the CharmCity JS meetup. Gave my talk "Suddenly Remote"
Spoke at GOTO Chicago 2020, gave the talk "The Asynchronous Enterprise" The video is available here.
Gave the talk "The Asynchronous Enterprise" at JSConf Hawaii. Check out the video here.
Gave my talk "Three keys to making the right multicloud decisions" at ESCAPE/19: The Multi-cloud conf. See the video here.
I wrote "Running meetings in read-write mode instead of read-only" Meetings are often the WORST. Going remote in a pandemic makes them even more draining. Break your team out of this pattern with t...
Helped to host GitLab Commit 2019 in Brooklyn, NY.
Attended VMWorld 2019 in San Franscisco, CA.
Attended Refactr.Tech in Atlanta, GA.
Gave my talk "Failure is not an option: What Apollo 11 can teach us about DevSecOps" at DevOps Days 2019. See the video here.
Attended Google Cloud Next
Gave my talk "The Weeds of Cloud Native" at Wall Street Technology Association.
Attended Microsoft Ignite DC.
At DevOps Days Baltimore, I gave my talk "Black Mirror Season 5 - DevOps" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POBAnk3nWos
Gave my talk As Strong as the Weakest Link on supply chain security at FOSDEM 2021. https://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/fosdem/2021/D.dependency/dep_as_strong_as_the_weakest_link.webm
Spoke at Kubernetes Community Days Africa on Predictions for the Cloud Native Ecosystem. Learn more.
Launched listMe.chat - a simple todo app built into every Slack conversation.
Founded Liscio Apps.
Spoke @ the Gartner DevOps SIG Gave my Remote Right talk.