Brian Glynn
  • @brianglynn
As a long-term business development leader, I pride myself on having the versatility to pivot between diverse industries, company profiles, and partners. Whether it was building a mobility business for Trov (requiring extensive insurance, compliance, and regulatory understanding), helping international tech startups gain footholds in Silicon Valley, or consulting with publicly traded fintech/healthcare companies – I am known for quickly learning and performing within new environments, customer groups, and product portfolios. My versatility extends beyond pure business development and enables me to also develop the products/services that I sell.

While I have been firmly entrenched in commercialization roles for years, my roots lie in engineering. My analytical nature compliments my sales skillset well in that I bring process rigor to market/customer assessments, go-to-market planning, and sales cycle management. Marrying engineering science with the art of sales has proven to be a differentiator across my diverse experiences.

Nothing is possible without having a foundation of trust with clients and partners. With that, I enjoy building relationships at an individual level and nurturing them over time. I am genuinely curious about people (which is why I left engineering for sales) and take the time to understand each person’s background, goals, and potential roadblocks. I have learned that once a relationship is solid, I am given license to innovate, test new ideas, and influence those around me to think differently.
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