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I teach worldwide professionals how to get job offers and immigrate to Canada SAFELY (if they desire it).

There are only two main problems jobseekers approach me with:
1. They can’t get interviews, or
2. They can’t get offers

They can’t really describe it this way but it boils down to the two problems above.

My team developed the proprietary Next Badge framework that guides applicants step-by-step on the following areas:

1. Resume Majesty (Consolidate and optimize their resumes)

2. Social Authority (Build their social media identities)

3. Meaningful Relationships (Find 50% more jobs that are not posted online)

4. Interview Sniper (Get the offer at your next interview)

5. Ransom Negotiator (Get fairly compensated for your knowledge, skills, experience and expertise)

Next Badge is incredibly detailed and has been tested with hundreds of jobseekers; 98% of them get their offer at their very next interview, and the remaining 2% within their next three interviews.

I have successfully mentored executives, managers and professionals at every level and across dozens of industries.

Next Badge is compatible with every industry because it focuses on building quick and meaningful relationships with strangers as the underlying layer, which enables you both to attract interviews and turn them into offers.

If you can’t get interviews visit this link:

If you can’t get offers visit this link:

I can’t wait for the you to be one more of my success stories!

I am a Canadian immigrant and discovered while growing quickly  on LinkedIn (225,000+ followers) that there are lots of scams happening in the immigration industry. I realized they could have impacted my family and it would have prevented me from living this amazing life.

At that moment, I decided to step up to help, guide and protect professionals who wish to immigrate to Canada SAFELY to avoid making unnecessary mistakes that can cost them money, time and even shutter their dream.

I offer FREE daily webinars here:

I write original content on LinkedIn so feel free to follow me (my connections are maxed out at 30,000). If you send me a personalized invite I’ll be able to reply, otherwise I won’t be able to.

Thank you for reading!
Brian 🙂

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