Celebrated one year of Breastfeeding
I can’t believe I have been breastfeeding for a year. It was my goal and I can’t believe I reached it. Proud of myself, Thea and my body.

Seconds after she had her first breath she was given to me and latched on to my breast immediately. An unforgettable moment. So many people have advice to give and lots of people pushed pumping, always making me question if I was producing enough milk for her. I didn’t listen and knew I was feeding her enough as she was a growing, happy, healthy bubs.

I solely breast fed for 8 months and have been doing a mix of formula and breast since then. She has naturally weaned herself off and I have to say having her decide makes it a lot easier for me however extremely emotional.

I barely pumped and was able to let my body and Thea decide what she needed. I truly let nature do it’s thing and never experienced engorgement or mastitis.

I was co-sleeping with Thea until recently. A couple weeks ago she was fussy even with the boob. I knew she was letting me know she was ready to move into her room. She is now sleeping the best she ever has (thanks @upchild.sg) and we are all well rested. I just found it extremely hard to let her go even though it’s just next door.

I know I could stop breastfeeding now but these moments are simply my favourite and I still have milk so I’ll continue until I’m dry.

This is my journey. Theadora loves her mamas milk and her formula milk. Both as great as the other. There should be no comparing or feeling guilty about how you feed your baby. You choose, mamas.