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Do you suffer from Anxiety

Keeping it real and posting a picture from an hour ago when I had a cry fest. These past couple weeks have been extremely difficult for me. I have experienced panic attacks, anxiety spells and a lot of tears that I haven’t ever had before. I have reached my breaking point with not seeing my loved ones.

I went to my first ever therapy session and have realised I really need it and I’m going to continue it. There are so many things I have gone through over this past year and a half and I always end up saying someone has it worse and I need to stop that and focus on what has happened and what I’ve been through.

I am incredibly jealous of every person that has been able to travel to see family to the point where I will mute stories and posts because I just can’t watch anymore. I am happy for you all but it actually hurts to see it now.

For those that don’t understand. At the moment if you are not Singaporean or a permanent resident you can leave the country but you might not be able to return. You leave at your own risk. Many of my friends have not been able to return for months. We simply cannot leave as our work/life/everything is here. We also can’t have our family visit due to the rules.

In therapy I mentioned how I share my journey on social media and I will share it all because I know so many are experiencing the same thing. I will continue to share my experience with therapy as this is a new journey for me and even after one session I felt better.

Sending hugs and love to people who are dealing with something similar to me. It has been a debilitating couple of weeks for me to the point where breathing exercises don’t cut it. Feeling better but have a lot to work on but I know deep down I won’t be okay until we are finally reunited. We booked flights for Christmas and let’s hope we don’t have to change the flights