Want to collaborate?

Right now, you can get in touch with me for a few things:
Advising companies
Beta testing new products
+ more

Brittney McCarter

I'm open to
advising companies,
beta testing new products,
freelance roles,
giving resume feedback,
joining company boards,
just chatting,
partnering on side projects,
speaking on clubhouse,
speaking on podcasts,
giving code reviews,
organizing a hackathon,
participating in hackathons,
running statistical analyses,
software development projects,
designing brands,
designing clothing,
designing logos,
giving design crits,
giving design feedback,
giving pitch deck feedback,
giving portfolio feedback,
appearing in music videos,
appearing in videos,
content creation,
editing books,
editing videos,
live streaming,
reviewing book proposals,
streaming on twitch,
streaming on youtube,
tiktok collaborations,
writing blog posts,
coaching founders,
giving fundraising advice,
giving product reviews,
participating in user research,
raising funding,
teaching entrepreneurship,
becoming a vc scout,
making early stage investments,
making late stage investments,
advising early stage companies,
advising late stage companies,
fractional executive roles,
mock interviewing,
being a brand ambassador,
brand partnership,
email marketing consulting,
giving feedback on marketing copy,
organizing marketing campaigns,
social media management,
social takeovers,
joining daos,
designing floral arrangements,
giving book recommendations,
giving travel advice,
grabbing a coffee,
house swapping,
joining discords,
joining parent groups,
moderating clubs,
moderating discord channels,
wedding planning,
acting in a play,
acting in film,
artist management,
beat submissions,
being an extra in a film or show,
giving music feedback,
jam sessions,
joining a band,
melody loop submissions,
mixing and mastering,
musical collaborations,
performing dance,
performing music,
performing standup comedy,
studio sessions,
talent scouting,
giving college application feedback,
guest lecturing,
peer editing,
sharing lesson plans,
student projects,
study sessions,
going cycling,
going hiking,
playing games,
playing pokemon go,
playing video games,
practicing yoga,
practicing a new language,
providing translations,
practicing russian,
practicing spanish,
practicing portuguese,
practicing italian,
practicing korean,
practicing hindi,
practicing german,
practicing indonesian,
practicing french,
practicing chinese,
practicing arabic,
advising on seo,
career coaching,
brand strategy consulting,
designing fonts,
and designing products.