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Jan 02, 2022
Jan 02, 2022
Actually, it was just a formality, but anyway it was nice to earn Sitecore 10 .NET Developer Certification.
BTW, the score was 98% (which means I missed right answers for some questions )


Dec 22, 2021
Dec 22, 2021
Solr in Sitecore
Just trying to mitigate the Log4j2 vulnerability which affects Solr.
No way to update to the latest Solr version, because of the Sitecore dependency on the specific Solr version.

Well, particularly for Solr 8.1.1 I just decided to exchange all the log4j*2.11.jar's to the appropriate 2.17 ones within "server\lib\ext" folder.
Solr is still working after restart, and even writing log.
I hope that is the right way :)
Senior Solution Architect, Sitecore
Dec 21, 2021
Dec 21, 2021
Used Docker-Compose
Created a GitHub repository
Created SolrCloud deployment
+ 1
Painful time-wasting attempts to get the simplest local SolrCloud instance to test something on Sitecore deployment. That made me create a self-made Solr image for Docker.

Check it out here:  A Quick local SolrCloud for Sitecore as container

And the GitHub repo: ivanbuzyka/SolrCloud.InDocker
Senior Solution Architect, Sitecore
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