Nathan Graber-Lipperman
  • @bynategl
β€œTo compose a map from a story is weary business.” β€” J.R.R. Tolkien

A lifelong sneakerhead, storyteller, and creator, I started my first venture reselling rare kicks in middle school and turned that into a graphic design label in high school and a media company in college.

Since then, I'm become obsessed with this idea of "composing the map,", not only in organizing the different moving parts that make a brand or story tick but also understanding how and why they all connect.Β 

My company, Powder Blue Media, is focused on becoming the first-ever "world-building" agency, developing evergreen places and stories that we become lost in, come back to, and continuously learn from.

Gone are the days of "sticking to one thing" in building a sustainable business! We work with creators, brands, startups, and more in determining how all of the things in their own little universes connect to each other in an authentic, clear fashion.
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