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(Fermentation + Artisan Bread + Handmade Pasta + Sourdough Pizza) 
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101 - Beverages - Kombucha, Ginger Beer/Bug, Water Kefir, Tepache, and other Cottage Wines
102 - Kimchis & Krauts

__Artisan Baking__
Sourdough 101 - Genesis and Basic Use
Sourdough 102 - “Loaf A Day” Techniques, More Shaping
Sourdough 103 - Advanced Shaping Techniques, Alternative Flours, Rye Science

Pasta 101 - History, Yolk vs Semolina, Dough Science and Beginner Handmade Shapes
Pasta 102 - Advanced Shapes, Adding Colour
Pasta 103 - Extruder Science and Semolina Dough Theory
Pasta 104 - Chemical Modifiers, Enriched Doughs, and Shelf-Stabilizing Dried Yolk Shapes
**(104 is an additional $25)*

Pizza 101 - Instant Yeast Dough for Instant Gratification
Pizza 102 - Sourdough, Neapolitan
Pizza 103 - Grandma Pie and other favourites

🤌 Details
• Can be purchased as in-person 1-on-1 up to 8, or purchased as a remote workshop via Zoom or on Discord.

• Please pay through PayPal ( or CashApp ($YELAfingaz) and leave a comment with:
→ Your Discord Username & tag (####)
→ Your Phone Number
→ Your Email Address
... so I can contact you to schedule your workshop!

TYSM for your consideration and contribution—I truly appreciate every interaction and teaching people what I've learned is extremely fulfilling for me as a human. ♡

•  Please comment here, on my insta, or ping me @cityBaby in my server, or DM me anywhere with any questions—do not hesitate to ask anything!