Katarzyna Krzyżanowska

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  • Talent Sourcing Team Leader🔍IT Recruiters Mentor🤝Technical Sourcing 💻
  • Gdańsk, Poland
Prefer Human Relations to Human Resources 🤝 

Just like HR is for Human and Relations,
this is how IT is for Investigate and Talent.

I believe everyone has talent, you just might not know that you have it. It's like a gift that not everyone has unpacked yet.

A Talent is ability, skill or feature is a completely normal for us, and it seems that everyone in the world can do or act the same as we do.

Exactly - "seems" and "normal" – don’t for a moment think! Our talents are so "normal" so that we don't have to rack the brains when we use them.

I can ask and answer, listen and talk, connect the dots and find real Talents.

What's yours will come! So what is your talent?


👋 Privately?

Passionate about science and good, non-fiction literature  Master of breakfast pancakes and pork chops, sandwich artist, espresso tonic bon vivant and tea too. Elton John and AC/DC on the same stage – me likely!

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Sep 2021 - Present

Learning & Development Consultant, CandidFuture