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Experienced in developing and implementing talent strategies, leading recruitment teams, headhunting technical and senior levels, data analysis, workforce planning, talent and succession management, job evaluation (Korn Ferry), psychometrics (Thomas International), interview frameworks, diversity & inclusion best practice, creation and delivery of recruitment campaigns.

Aside from work I am mad about football ⚽, car-obsessed 🚗, film fanatic 🎞, aspiring Lego master builder 👷‍♂‍ with a coffee addiction ☕. I take a keen interest in technology, science, and psychology 🤓 and I often have my nose stuck in a book around leadership, marketing, organisational culture, and anything else nonfiction within those areas. Boring, right? 😴

Shockingly bad at golf, go karting and navigating maps, but I will give anything a go twice! 🏎 ⛳ 🌍 ❌

More recently I have bought a 3D printer 🖨 and learning how to use Cura.
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