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Christina Colmer McHugh

Hailing originally from Northern Ireland, my journalistic career was a buzz but nothing compares to the day I dreamt up Moodbeam. I was a professional mum looking to unlock the holy grail, how do I know how someone is feeling when I’m not with them; back in 2015 it was my young daughter who’d had a rough time at school. Fast forward 6 years nearly and I’m now busting myths, breaking down rusty doors, breaking ceilings and sorting the wheat from the chaff by putting my technology into the hands of people who want to know what everyday happiness looks like. It started off as a consumer offering, being showcased at CES Las Vegas; now it’s helping organizations unlock the key to what work happiness looks like, getting employees and employers talking, and helping brands large and small build a happiness score that shows just how good it is to work with you; a company’s competitive advantage and more importantly helps people build an emotional legacy throughout their careers, letting them see when they were happiest at work, and letting them  choose to do more of it. If you knew what made you happy, wouldn’t you do more of it? 😁 

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