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Christian Eilers

  • @ceilers
  • SEO Strategist & Content Marketer
  • He / Him
  • New York City
I’m Christian, a writer, career and education expert, SEO strategist, and content marketer. Born in New York City, I’ve bounced around a bit to end up where I am now. Having lived in Brooklyn, Queens, the San Francisco Bay Area, central Virginia, and Philadelphia, I moved to Warsaw, Poland in early 2017, followed by a move to Kyiv, Ukraine at the end of 2020. The current war forced me to flee Ukraine and return to Poland in February 2022, and I am currently planning a move back to NYC in the autumn.

I’ve bounced around quite a bit in my professional life, as well. From starting my career at 15 in food service to driving forklifts in a factory to being an electronic components salesman to Target supervisor to Starbucks store manager and more, I feel I have finally found what I truly enjoy doing: working with words.

I’ve written for various online publications for over a decade. Though at first it was more a hobby, I now feel I can truly call myself a professional. Since 2017, I’ve been working in SEO strategy and content marketing. I enjoy staying within the orbit of the education and career space, though I do venture out further, when it makes sense; I’ve consulted for, written for, and contributed to various publications and websites in the realms of entrepreneurship, travel, social justice and impact, and technology, as well as leading NGOs and IGOs.
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Apr 19, 2021
Excited to join Arc.dev as SEO Content Strategist! 🎉

At Arc, I experiment with and implement SEO (on-page and technical SEO, mostly) and growth efforts across the site while leading content marketing endeavors and assisting with PR and editing. I manage two blogs, the Developer Career Blog (B2C, aimed at mid-level and senior software engineers) and the Employer Blog (B2B, aimed at HR, talent acquisition, and engineering team managers).

  • Currently managing cross-team SEO project to attract more client signups, doing a massive revamp of structure and content on a massive set of programmatically generated pages (over 87K URLs).
  • Improved Arc’s blog content from a ~1K visitors/week plateau to ~14K+/week over the past year.
  • Oversee content marketing and SEO efforts for two blogs: one aimed at employers, discussing hiring, talent management, and remote work, and another aimed at developers, with topics around finding engineering jobs, technical interviews, and succeeding in a remote work environment.
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SEO Content Strategist, Arc.dev
Apr 01, 2021
Ended my journey as Content Manager & SEO Strategist at Goodwall!
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Content Manager & SEO Strategist, Goodwall
Oct 01, 2019
I currently manage content marketing and SEO strategy efforts for Goodwall. For the Goodwall Blog, I coordinate with freelancers, contributors, and in-house talent to maintain a top digital publication spanning self-improvement, social impact, college preparation, career development, climate action, work-life balance, and more, all aimed at students, young professionals, and entrepreneurs. Other related efforts include search engine optimization (SEO), outreach, guest posting, and defining the content strategy.

For the website as a whole, I lead technical SEO operations, which include regular site audits, performance analyses, and overseeing implementation and results of recommended optimizations. In my first year, I've improved web traffic by more than 250% and increased ranked-for keywords (US, top 100) by 32x. I monitor the site's health on a daily basis using GSC, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Hexometer, and other tools, and I make use of only "white hat" SEO techniques while sticking to Google's best practices, rules, and suggestions.

As a native English speaker on an international team, I also occasionally assist with: writing copy for landing pages, penning press releases, ideating mobile app wording, crafting B2B case studies, sending out email newsletters, and other communications-related efforts.
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Content Manager & SEO Strategist, Goodwall
Oct 01, 2019
Excited to join Goodwall as Content Manager & SEO Strategist! 🎉
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Content Manager & SEO Strategist, Goodwall