Chace Curtis
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  • I just am. We just are. So just be. Be undefined.
  • Las Vegas
  • Force Sensitive
I'm open to
content creation,
participating in user research,
speaking at events,
speaking on podcasts,
beta testing new products,
advising companies,
freelance roles,
open source contributions,
partnering on side projects,
designing brands,
designing clothing,
designing fonts,
designing logos,
designing products,
design projects,
giving design crits,
giving design feedback,
giving portfolio feedback,
providing interior design services,
appearing in music videos,
appearing in videos,
instagram collaborations,
live streaming,
producing a podcast,
reviewing book proposals,
speaking on twitter spaces,
streaming on twitch,
streaming on youtube,
tiktok collaborations,
writing blog posts,
youtube collaborations,
co-founding a company,
giving product reviews,
mock interviewing,
being a brand ambassador,
brand partnership,
brand strategy consulting,
giving feedback on marketing copy,
social takeovers,
nft projects,
designing floral arrangements,
giving book recommendations,
grabbing a coffee,
joining a book club,
joining discords,
acting in a play,
acting in film,
beat submissions,
being an extra in a film or show,
creating illustrations,
giving music feedback,
jam sessions,
joining a band,
melody loop submissions,
musical collaborations,
performing dance,
performing music,
studio sessions,
talent scouting,
playing games,
playing pokemon go,
playing video games,
filming videos,
full time roles,
giving feedback,
giving product feedback,
graphic design,
having a dinner party,
joining a community,
just chatting,
making introductions,
new client inquiries,
part time roles,
playing tabletop games,
research projects,
and talking to journalists.
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Aug 2017 - Present

Artist/illustrator , Self-employed