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Nigel van der Laan

"The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step" - Lao Tsu

Experienced Business and Research Strategist with hardskills in machine learning (Python), Solidity, React JS and Technical Analysis. Conceptualised and led the development of a +$M FinTech platform.

I like innovative solutions from the perspective of figuring out the most cost-efficient, scalable, sustainable andsecured method to reach a common goal. My background in neuroscience turned out to be an excellent bridgeinto the financial world.

The global adaption of DLT is dependent on a healthy paradigm and right now we are at the center of that definingfactor. Cooperation should be rewarded to increase market participation and consensus reach prevents dilution ofthe Web3 space. I hope to be inspired and inspire others throughout my life.
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5 days ago
Nested head knots

Participate thousands of hours in the uncomfortable zone and achieve a steady pace with a  deliberate practice to come out as a victor. 

I hope you all are embracing the modus operandi to success. I've been stuck for 6 days with rendering a mapping of a nested object in React Js. Learning a lot. I think I'm almoooooost there....but I've been thinking that for the past days now hahaha...

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