Charles Walter

  • @charleswalter
  • Founder of Realifed, changing the way friends socialize in real life
  • Miami, FL
Founder of Realifed, a new social application in design phase, that will help friends strengthen friendships and make more plans in the real world.
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Product Manager

  • TIGO
  • Feb 2016 - May 2021
  • 5 years 3 months


Jul 20, 2021
Jul 20, 2021
React Native
Created a React Native app
React Native
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Let's redefine what it means for a social app to be social. Everything in Realifed is being designed with the purpose of bringing friends closer together. To help people identify the friends who are important to them, the activities they enjoy doing, and to fill up their social calendar with plans that enrich their life.

We have not only an opportunity, yet a responsibility, to shape the future of social interactions off of digital devices, and using technology to facilitate this.

While I am based in Miami, I am open to work with a technical co-founder anywhere in the western hemisphere. I have 20+ years  leading digital products for Univision and Tigo.

Looking for an experienced and innovating technologist to partner with for the development of Realifed on iOS and Android, with a solid architecture at its core. Development expected to begin in August / September timeframe with an application development partner (currently exploring options)

Role would receive significant equity in company. At start, responsibilities could be part-time
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