University of Pennsylvania Python workshop using the Software Carpentry curricula (Learn more about The Carpentries!)
University of Pennsylvania Software Carpentry workshop on Unix shell and Git/GitHub. (Learn more about The Carpentries!)
Finished "Not Quite a Blizzard" headband just in time for a blizzard! 🧢
Inspired ✨ by "Outer Space: Projecting Histories and Futures Onto the Stars" panelists Timiebi Aganaba, Elizabeth Hamilton, Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, and Danielle Wood (with discussant andré m. car...
Peer reviewer: Proposals for international Digital Humanities 2022 conference πŸ†
Gave a presentation and Q&A about "Investigating Indentured Servitude" project at The Americas Online: Thinking Digitally About Early America 🌎
A lovely trip to the Rocky Mountains πŸ”
Authored a workflow and produced documentation to improve planning, accountability, time management, and efficient division of labor for institutional digital projects.
Course website for HIST 5152 (Fall 2021)
Taught grad-level Digital History course at Temple University (Fall 2021) πŸ‘©β€πŸ«
Led a workshop for the public on Data Visualization with Open Historic Data πŸ”
Spoke about "The Promises and Potential Problems of Creating Open Historic Data" at OpenCon 2019. See the slides here!
Formal launch event for "Investigating Indentured Servitude: Visualizing Experiences of Colonial America," an open historic data project and interpretive digital exhibit.
Planning committee member for the 2021 Keystone DH conference (postponed from 2020) 🎬
Delivered presentation on "Investigating Indentured Servitude" project at the MSU Digital Humanities Symposium πŸ§ πŸ‘‹ See the slides, transcript and presentation here!
Taught grad-level Digital History course at Temple University (Spring 2019)
Taught grad-level Digital History course at Temple University (Fall 2020 semester)
Completed Python for Humanists professional development course through Texas A&M University ✌️ πŸ–₯