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Aug 06, 2021
Aug 06, 2021
Researching Girl Scout Badges
Volunteered with Girl Scouts of the United States of America

Girl Scouts

New Badges Research

I am currently excited about the new badges that have opened up for this school year.

Girl Scouts have been helping girls explore STEM with badges geared toward their interests and age levels.  At the beginning of each year, as a Troop Leader and mom, I research what the latest badges cover so I can present them to the girls to see which they want to work on.  The GS program is a girl-led leadership program and we have the girls discuss and vote on which badges they want to learn about and how they will complete them.  This year they will do research as well on these - there is a mix of interests in our troop and girls gravitate towards one of three main themes: outdoor skills, STEM skills, and community engagement skills.  We rotate through informally so all girls can lead what they are passionate about and learn from others who geek out over skills and concepts that are new to them.  It is magic to see how they encourage each other and help each other learn, practice, and share these new skills.

Over the last four years, our 16 girls have completed badges in:
  • mechanical engineering
  • cybersecurity
  • physics
  • space science
  • coding and computer science
  • robotics
  • entomology

From the Girl Scouts' announcement for 2021 new badges:

Math in Nature (Daisies through Juniors)

After a year of learning inside, it’s time to get outdoors! The new Math in Nature badges build on one another as Girl Scouts learn about shapes, numbers, and design in nature. They’ll plan a hiking adventure, create trail maps, and design a bird feeder—all while learning math concepts and how they apply outside the classroom.

The new Math in Nature badges also boost girls’ interest and confidence in STEM; they’re more likely to connect with STEM concepts when they’re linked to things they love, such as outdoor time and helping others.

Cookie Business (Daisies through Ambassadors)

With more and more consumers shopping online, girls learn to think beyond the storefront and meet their cookie customers where they are through the Digital Cookie® platform. The 13 new Cookie Business badges are packed with activities to support every Girl Scout as they work collaboratively, set goals for themselves, and finesse their digital marketing campaigns. Girl Scouts of all ages will be ready to take their cookie business to the next level!

Digital Leadership (Daisies through Ambassadors)

Technology can help girls empower themselves and others—and by earning Digital Leadership badges, Girl Scouts of every age can do just that! They’ll learn about digital literacy and wellness and use what they’ve learned to raise awareness on a topic or cause they care about.

2021 Global Action Award: Sustainable Development The Girl Scout Global Action Award calls for girls to address the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals by discovering, connecting, and taking action in their communities and the world. This year's award goal focuses on Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being and Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. 

Read more:  Four Ways Girl Scouts Builds Girl Leaders in STEM (PDF)

Browse the Badge Listing to see the full set of what Girl Scouts do

I am open to meeting girls virtually for troop meetings where they want to interview a woman in tech, engineer, or leader.  I am a third generation Girl Scout and earned my Gold Award.  Just reach out.
Troop Leader, Girl Scouts
Aug 01, 2021
Aug 01, 2021
Hired an Account Executive
Hired a Partner Alliance Director
Interviewing Presales Engineers
Growing the team
Promoted a coworker
+ 3
New quarter at work.  Adding more amazing folks to our team as we grow our Federal practice. Still looking for additional presales engineers or data architects that want to tackle large data challenges in the Fed space with us.
Jul 27, 2021
Jul 27, 2021
Launched a Product
Cassandra 4.0 GA !
Jul 24, 2021
Jul 24, 2021
Joined an Early Adopter Program
I was attracted to Polywork for a few reasons:
- I subscribe to the idea we all do many things outside our primary income stream and have stories to share.  We each are multifaceted humans that seek similar and different view spaces to participate in and watch... to belong, to learn, to share.
- Exploring what others are up to without the focus on "likes"
- I struggle with finding folks that just want to chat about the public sector tech space or Girl Scouts or the saga of motherhood; I love meeting new people on zoom and see this as a path to connect
- I was a big LiveJournal and AIM user in the early 2000s and the badges and activities give me tags and "User Info" page and LJ communities potential and "currently listening to" vibes, which is great.  A larger part of modern social construction and a dash of historical social goodness.
- I had been talking with a16z around a need for authentic voice platforms centered in contributions to society and making the world a better place, and I see Polywork fitting that - and with the Series A news, really great stuff there.
- I enjoy giving product feedback on early journeys of how online communities springboard forward

- Custom themes. GeoCities and Myspace were places where girls in particular could learn HTML and CSS to style their own corner of the interwebs.  I know because I learned HTML at 14 years old on GeoCities - the first time code actually ran and did something, I was hooked.  One could argue bring the early 2000s internet back is bad form and would literally be ugly, but I say consider it an opportunity to create a creative space where those learning tech skills can not only post about their learnings but also showcase them in the same portal with customers, friends, and mentors.  Not saying we need the marquee tag back or the under construction gifs either. :)
- Bigger editing/authoring text area
- I need an easier way to send feedback as I have found a few bugs and usability issues.  Help me help others.  Not a Google Form fan and I did not sign up on this site with a Google account.  I would expect every early adopter to share experience and ideas so you can get different views and spark more innovation.
- Refine the getting started experience for folks: easy to add badges, activities are still buggy and harder to find/search, how to encourage more posts and community etc

To show my age, I was an early adopter of LJ (during invite code era, Amanda hooked me up), thefacebook[dot]com (back in the day it was actually called this), and also digg (v1 and 2.0 I was one of the most active users, well before v4 and it was sold into whatever it considers itself to be now).  I was ranked first in Atlanta on Urbanspoon for number of reviews.  Fun fact- I created the Playing Game away message for AIM when I was 18.  You are very welcome Gen Xers.

Excited to see where Polywork takes me and itself.

(Edited post so it would not autoinclude a link to FB as I don't support that platform and don't encourage folks using it in general)
Mar 24, 2021
Mar 24, 2021
Wrote code
Attended a webinar

Hands On Learning

"How to use a Serverless Database with Serverless Functions (simple!)"
Watch and build (27 min YouTube vid)

DataStax Astra DB

Read more about the why
I help the USGovt with data modernizations at scale, DataStax
Feb 20, 2021
Feb 20, 2021
Spoke at a Hackathon
Made An Impact

SD Hacks

"Internships and Innovations"
Speaker, Sponsor, and Creator

SD Hacks has been one of the largest hackathons in California since its inception back in 2015. We take pride in being a fully student organized event, while partnering with numerous other student-run engineering organizations at UC San Diego.

I ran intern programs from startups to large corporations. After hundreds of interviews with intern candidates, I will share how to nail your interviews and select the internship best for you. Turn a hackathon project into new opportunities. Help me help you start your tech career. 

Visit SD Hacks

Big idea: An an intern, you have opportunities to inject innovation for your customers.  I shared my thoughts about what to look for in a great company to intern with and some about my career path growing from an intern to a VP.
I help the USGovt with data modernizations at scale, DataStax
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