Chirley GOUGET

  • @chirleyg
Bubble Creative rests on the shoulders of Chirley, our founder with a bubbly, very sunny and caring personality with an atypical background:

🌻 Bachelor Degree in Management, Accounting and Finance of Companies
🌻 Higher Education in Computer Science & Data Programming
🌻 Professional training in Community Management & Computer Graphics
🌻 American training in Digital Marketing

A true Swiss Army knife, she has 10 years of experience in the world of Translation as a self-taught trilingual and almost 7 years in Digital Marketing. More specifically in Community & Social Media Management.

Her thirst for learning makes her knowledge limitless. While her commitment to projects and the impact she can have on businesses and society in general makes her very passionate.

If you don't want your projects to have an impact or be contaminated by her good mood, then don't collaborate with our All-rounder!
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