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marc nolan

Hello everyone! My name is Marc Nolan (most call me "coach" or "Coach Nolan'). I am the LONGEST serving and still active Football Kicking and Punting coach in the US (47 years and counting all in side hustle roles) while chasing the corporate ladder most of my life!
I am also married to the greatest woman in the world (34 years and counting) have two AWESOME grown children, and two amazing dogs a Black Lab and a Sheep-A-Bernie Doodle!  PROUD ARMY VETERAN!

I am new to podcasting, but have been an avid public speaker for many years! 
My Podcast is going to focus on educating folks across the high sports area on the recent NCAA changes, the NIL, and Transfer Portal. 
My passion has been learning and sharing my wisdom of having helped thousands of athletes and their parents obtain a college athletic scholarship, and especially now with all the changes! 

Which coincidently is the name of my  third book "COLLEGE ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIPS- The Path to Recruiting Success in the New Age of NIL, the Transfer Portal and Post COVID Scholarships" (currently on Amazon) sorry for the shameless "plug".
My Podcast series will be bringing in other "experts" in different fields (for instance my second Podcast will feature Mr. Al Vaughn who is the ONLY 7 Time Mr. UNIVERSE holder and Cancer Surviver as well as others. I look forward to being part of this growing community!  

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