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Cohan Robinson

Building tools I need in a way everyone can use them if they want. The Laravel PHP framework is my go-to, love it 
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Sep 25, 2021
Sep 25, 2021
I built a tool! Normally I'd call this point 80% done and gradually stop working on it in favour of a newer and fresher idea. This time I've just made the thing live. Done, sorted, worst case nobody else finds it useful and I just use it myself!

You point your secondary domains (the .net and .org when you have the .com for example) to it via CNAME and you can then set up redirects. It's also basically a bring your own URL shortener with a different marketing angle. Saying that, it doesn't have click counting or an API yet but all planned!

Anyway yeah, bit of a basic one. I've only just rediscovered my passion of just making cool things for me and seeing if anyone else wants in 

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