Joe Alongi

Focused on full-stack development of Java, Spring, React, & Node software applications on the cloud. Working on Java and JavaScript microservices, connecting Watson virtual assistants, artificial intelligence (NLP), and Robotic (automation) to enhance technical dimensions.

Building RESTful services and GraphQL serverside solutions for continuous querying. Establishing production efficiency through containerization, computational optimization, and server networking.

Worked on and lead the development of large-scale customized eCommerce platforms in NetSuite, Shopify, and WordPress — using C#/.NET Framework, Liquid, WordPress, Apache, NGINX, React, Node, PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in both LAMP and MERN stacks.

Familiar with major cloud providers in storage, servers, containers, databases, and serverless architectures — IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Firebase, Azure, Next(Vercel), and Kinsta.
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Jun 05, 2022
Scalability is the focus of websites, applications, and software across the globe.

Experiencing this shift with methods for solution portability established in containerized computing.

Code, query based APIs, databases, and services running in tandem on containerized platforms makes for efficient distribution.

Find out more about distributed computing in "Scalable, Shard-able, Containerized & Distributed Computing" on Medium.
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Jun 05, 2022
Adventuring through storylines with client inspired moments, active content, agile development and creative expressions is the heart of "Mr. Smith Agency".

Bringing together photography, design, animation, and digital experiences to unite a fashionably boutique solution in the web application space.

#PHP #WordPress #JavaScript
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Jun 04, 2022
Exploring solutions in tangible and imaginable methods for customers and businesses alike was the goal of "LexJet"

Looking for a new opportunity or finding that turn key solution can be imagined in a variety of different views.

#Bootstrap #JavaScript #DotNet
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Mar 08, 2022
Moving through distinct choices, leading to techniques outlined by  "Prescribed Motion" was the goal of building this user friendly web application. 

From start to finish, finding the perfect remedy through exercise was the key objective of building this solution. Custom #PHP components to #JavaScript modules, performance and elegant steps to decisions that lead the way.

#WordPress #JavaScript #PHP #Bootstrap
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Feb 27, 2022
"HP Large Format Media" was a large project focused around data revitalization and managing development processes through multi-national offices remotely. 

Accuracy and concurrency were requirements for success in maintaining and implementing data processes that modeled schemas, views, and software applications for the global sector.

#ReadMe #DotNet #MVC
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Feb 23, 2022
Simplifying React Ventures to remove any visual loading hinderance was a choice I made to shed light on the ability of Next.js to serve React components with server-side rendering.

In the future I plan to replace the Bootstrap features with Next UI, hopefully in the next release. You can find out more about the project in a new showcase I shipped this past weekend "React Ventures".

You can download & deploy via NPM or fork the repository from GitHub.

#React #Next #Vercel #SSR
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