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Curtis Blackwell

Hi, my name's Curtis Blackwell and I like ๐Ÿ goats ๐Ÿ.

I also build software for the web and got started in 2007. Now-simple tasks like adding drop shadows looked a lot different back then. It meant we had to create images in Photoshop then slice, export, and `background-repeat` 1px ร— ~10px PNGs for each side and corner back then. No fancy `box-shadow` luxury for us in the twilight years of that saucy HTML4 + CSS2 gloss.

Lately I've taken on more leadership roles in my work. Since joining Highland in January 2018, I:

  • got an established dev team to learn and embrace Laravel's and Vue's conventions,
  • created a framework for collaboratively defining development standards,
  • organized a biweekly, all-dev meeting where we conspire to make our work better,
  • mentored other developers,
  • led a team in using Shape Up to unanimous delight,
  • supported my product manager in her work using Thinking in Services to uncover and solve for gaps in a complex project (I'm convinced Thinking in Services is the next big thing in strategy and service design), and
  • helped co-workers get a DEI working group off the ground (and kept it alive after they took new jobs elsewhere).

A unique blend of empathy, insightful criticism, a low tolerance for unpleasant working experiences, and the tenacity to improve my environment and the surrounding ecosystem make me an invaluable team member.


Outside of work, I enjoy casual and strategy gaming, listening to and making music, mixing and drinking cocktails, and going for meandering walks with my partner.
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