Dirk Brünsicke
  • @d1rk
I create systems for people and companies that guarantee success to perform.

Personal and professional.

Started in 1996 as a software developer, turned into a business consultant. Works now with founders and entrepreneurs to build a long-term digital & personal strategy.

My style of work is coined by a unique combination of analytical, knowledge based decision making and and intuitive personal coaching.

I do work with human beings, forming stable processes to excel in project environments and cope with transformational experiences.

I also serve as Board-Member or Advisor to early-stage companies, help Founders and Entrepreneurs getting off-ground.
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Jan 2022 - Present

Managing Director, BERNSTEINKRAFT n.e.V.

Jan 2015 - Present

Managing Director, xumana.com

Jan 1996 - Present

Managing Director, brünsicke.com