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I'm a JavaScript and PHP Developer, DevOps and Cloud Solution Architect. I create some Vue.js stuff and AWS integrations. Interested in IoT.
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Jan 11, 2022
Jan 11, 2022
Worked with serverless architecture
Created a very simple AWS serverless application to handle Telegram bot in-coming and out-coming messages with EventBridge.

With this approach message communication can be handled asynchronously outside the connector application just interacting with the exported Event Bridge bus.

Also an username and source IP whitelist is implemented in order to keep the integration as safe as possible.

Repository: daaru00/aws-telegram-bot-connector
Jan 10, 2022
Jan 10, 2022
Doing creative coding
Working with Vue.js
Created a simple application using Vue 3 and Electron that: 
  • list AWS CLI's configured profiles from credentials file
  • assume the selected one and list information about the logged user
  • launch a terminal with AWS_PROFILE and AWS_REGION environment variables set. 
  • open the switch profile web page in order to login to the correct account and region.

Repository: daaru00/aws-cli-launcher


Dec 12, 2021
Dec 12, 2021
Worked with serverless architecture
Just created a very simple AWS integration that collect Greengrass Nucleus telemetry data as CloudWatch metrics.

This integration will deploy a Lambda function connect to IoT Core MQTT topic where NucleusEmitter component send telemetry data:
  "mqttTopic": "greengrass/MyDeviceName",
  "telemetryPublishIntervalMs": 300000
The deployed Lambda function put metrics data to CloudWatch using AWS NodeJS SDK:
    Namespace: METRIC_NAMESPACE,
    MetricData: [{
      MetricName: event.N,
      Unit: event.U,
      Timestamp: event.TS / 1000,
      Dimensions: [{
        Name: 'CoreDevice',
        Value: CORE_DEVICE
      Value: event.V
Once this integration is installed it will be possible to add metrics widgets into a dashboard and/or creating alarms in order to monitor Greengrass Core devices health.

Repository: daaru00/greengrass-nucleus-telemetry-data-collector
Sep 07, 2021
Sep 07, 2021
Doing creative coding
Create a Shopify theme using Petite Vue as minimal frontend framework. The main reason behind this experiments is finding something more comfortable then Vanilla JS to develop Shopify frontend without too many frictions. 

Petite Vue can be injected in the Liquid template (with some considerations) without too many problems. It is light (~6kb), fast and the one/two way binding and reactivity make frontend components development more easy and manageable.

Repository: daaru00/shopify-theme-petite-vue
Jul 08, 2021
Jul 08, 2021
Updated my personal website
Used VueJS
Worked with serverless architecture
+ 1
Just updated my personal website by empty it of redundant information already present on other social networks and apps.

  •  VitePress with a custom theme (quite similar to a standard Vue 3 app) to generate the website.

  • AWS CodeBuild to build and deploy the website uploading it to the S3 Bucket and invalidating the CloudFront distribution. All required resources are described in this SAM template.
Jun 12, 2021
Jun 12, 2021
Doing creative coding
Creating a demo project with Nuxt and Storyblok.

GitHub repository: https://github.com/daaru00/nuxt-storyblok
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