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Fabio Gollinucci

  • @daaru
  • WebDev & DevOps
  • he/him
  • Cuneo, IT
I'm a JavaScript and PHP Developer, DevOps and Cloud Solution Architect. I create some Vue.js stuff and AWS integrations. Interested in IoT.
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Apr 20, 2022
Sometimes what is needed is simply a static website: these two solutions use CloudFront Functions to manipulate request and response, manage routing for PWA/SPA or serve static content. It is also possible to secure access through an HTTP Basic authentication.


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BackendDev & DevOps, Bitbull
Apr 12, 2022
An opinionated solution for remote workers: access a remote EC2 instance's SSH with an dynamic IP filter. Just click on a link and you're allowed to access for 24h.

Repository: bitbull-serverless/dynamic-ip-whitelist
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BackendDev & DevOps, Bitbull
Apr 05, 2022
Made public a simple CLI written in GO that help to remotely connect to EC2 instances and ECS tasks using SSM commands to handle sessions and command executions.

This was born as an experiment, now I use it every day and I wouldn't do without it anymore. I don't remember what SSH is anymore..

Repository: bitbull-team/bb-aws-connect
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BackendDev & DevOps, Bitbull
Jan 11, 2022
Created a very simple AWS serverless application to handle Telegram bot in-coming and out-coming messages with EventBridge.

With this approach message communication can be handled asynchronously outside the connector application just interacting with the exported Event Bridge bus.

Also an username and source IP whitelist is implemented in order to keep the integration as safe as possible.

Repository: daaru00/aws-telegram-bot-connector
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Jan 10, 2022
Created a simple application using Vue 3 and Electron that: 
  • list AWS CLI's configured profiles from credentials file
  • assume the selected one and list information about the logged user
  • launch a terminal with AWS_PROFILE and AWS_REGION environment variables set. 
  • open the switch profile web page in order to login to the correct account and region.

Repository: daaru00/aws-cli-launcher
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Dec 12, 2021
Just created a very simple AWS integration that collect Greengrass Nucleus telemetry data as CloudWatch metrics.

This integration will deploy a Lambda function connect to IoT Core MQTT topic where NucleusEmitter component send telemetry data:
  "mqttTopic": "greengrass/MyDeviceName",
  "telemetryPublishIntervalMs": 300000
The deployed Lambda function put metrics data to CloudWatch using AWS NodeJS SDK:
    Namespace: METRIC_NAMESPACE,
    MetricData: [{
      MetricName: event.N,
      Unit: event.U,
      Timestamp: event.TS / 1000,
      Dimensions: [{
        Name: 'CoreDevice',
        Value: CORE_DEVICE
      Value: event.V
Once this integration is installed it will be possible to add metrics widgets into a dashboard and/or creating alarms in order to monitor Greengrass Core devices health.

Repository: daaru00/greengrass-nucleus-telemetry-data-collector
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