Cloud solutions based on Serverless paradigm.
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Updated my personal website
Used VueJS
Deployed on AWS
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Just updated my personal website by empty it of redundant information already present on other social networks and apps.

  •  VitePress with a custom theme (quite similar to a standard Vue 3 app) to generate the website.

  • AWS CodeBuild to build and deploy the website uploading it to the S3 Bucket and invalidating the CloudFront distribution. All required resources are described in this SAM template.
Published a blog post
"Ingress rules for dynamic IPs"

Published a blog post
"My serverless journey"

Published a blog post
"Automatic Temporized Rds Scaling"

Contributed to Open Source Project
Worked on a side project
Working with IoT
Release an IoT home automation bridge for AWS IoT Core and your home assistant Google Home and/or Alexa.

GitHub repository:
Spoke at a conference
Spoke at Serverless-Italy meetup about how to use Serverless technologies to orchestrate interactions with AWS infrastructure from DevOps team via Slack Bot.

Meetup link: