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Participating in User Research
Guest lecturing
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Farzana Deen

As a personality coach for Instagram growth, I help business owners to : 

1) Recognize their personality traits and how that ties in with their brand
2) Get a clearer view of content creation 
3) Be accountable by being their accountability coach

As a choreographer and founder of DANCEWITHFARZ, I work with : 

1) Businesses/Companies - that thinks investing in the well being of their team is a priority
2) Individuals - who'd prefer a 1 - 1 class setting instead of being in a group
3) Group of friends - who'd like an amazing dance class session every week to spend some time together

Connect with me through my socials!
Email : beingfarzana@gmail.com
Instagram : @beingfarzana, @dancewithfarz

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