Danica Swanson
  • @danicaswanson
  • Senior Editor at Starbased
  • Portland, OR, US
  • she/her
I'm a self-employed freelance writer and copy editor working in web3. All my clients are in DAOs, so basically I have my "dream job"...except that it's not a dream, and it's not a conventional job! 

I'm particularly interested in the intersection of art, labor, and crypto as empowerment for precarious and underrepresented groups.

Let's see...what else? Gen-X contemplative animist and introvert with monastic study/work habits and atypical cognitive/sensory predispositions. Night owl with a goth-witchy-nerd nesting instinct. Tea aficionado.  

Attuned to the slower and more reclusive aspects of my surroundings.

Music journalist & audiophile specializing in a niche genre: dark ambient & low-frequency drone music.

Interested in ADUs, cottage clusters, and other small-scale "alternative" dwellings. Especially interested in the eco-friendly and acoustic properties of hempcrete + lime buildings.

Meticulous, organized, and self-driven lifelong learner. Former academic with degrees in psychology, philosophy, and accounting. Finished a web dev bootcamp back in the day. 

I prioritize kindness (but not "niceness") in potential collaborators. Nerds are my favorite people. 

Where to find me indoors: hiding out in cozy nooks, basements, and other dark enclosed spaces. 

Where to find me outdoors: doing walking meditations in fog, rain, snow, and forest, with lots of pauses to investigate fungi, listen to trees, and appreciate plant intelligence.
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